21.9.2013: Inka3D 1.7.1 released. Uses GPU-friendly vertex alignment to fix ATI/AMD issues (use option 'No Pack Vertex Buffers' if issues remain and report them).

25.8.2013: Inka3D 1.7.0 released. New loading scheme, supports loading of scenes exported as JSON (note that these contain code, load only from your own server). Support for extra low resolution texture set and WebP image format.

30.6.2013: Inka3D 1.6 released. Maya 2014 is supported. New export option for user controllable camera that works with mouse and multitouch devices.

16.11.2012: Inka3D 1.5 released. The polygon limit was removed and more than 75 bones are possible. These get stored in a float texture.

25.6.2012: Inka3D 1.4 released. Now supports particle systems. Also Maya 2013 is now supported.

6.3.2012: Inka3D 1.3 released. Now supports more shading nodes and per instance uv's and vertex colors. Also see the new tutorial.

23.12.2011: Merry X-mas and a happy new year from Suntoucher Labs

5.12.2011: Version 1.2 is available for download. Now supports picking of objects in a scene and Maya 2011 for Mac OS X.

18.11.2011: Inka3D at LLVM developer conference. Also see the slides.

17.11.2011: Inka3D at Google Tech Talk. Also see the slides.

10.10.2011: first public release of Inka3D.